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When it comes to training and racing in triathlon, we are big believers in three things: consistency, communication and performance, not results.

The key to this has always been communication with our coaches, physio, family, friends and everyone in our support teams who we are working with, with the end goal of achieving the BEST performance on race day.


Consistency does not mean "Legend" training sessions and personal best week in and week out.  It is following a plan working towards goals in training, racing and life.  It is important to communicate with your coach about your life, inside and outside of triathlon.  Being honest with yourself and your coach about how you feel about training sessions and races both physically and mental.  Learn from things that have not worked, learn from things that have worked.

Always move forward through what you have learned.


Some of Tim's best performances did not land him on the podium, but he squeezed every bit of what he had out of himself.  As they say, “I left nothing out there”.  After these performances he walked away with a smile knowing that the Win would have been nice, but on that day that’s what he had.  This is how Tim and Ian try to race in each and every race.  They will Sprint as hard for 40th as they will for the Win!  That’s who they are, that’s what they do, that’s what they were taught to do. 

Never give up, never ever give up.  So much hard work, sacrifice and energy goes into a race, it's hard not to lay it on the line!  For Tim and Ian, it's an expression session of all the hours training, of all the beers not drank, of all the early nights, time away from family, support from sponsors friends and of course coaches.  That is what they strive for, the Perfect Performance.


These are the things as a coach they want to instill into their athletes.  They want you to have as much faith in them as they do in you.  It’s a partnership, a journey, an experience, it's fun, hard work, it's Triathlon!


£250/mo For Halo ID 1:1 Coaching



You want to access the resources and experience gained by Ian & Tim throughout many years of racing and training. You enjoy the Halo ID community but are looking for the structure & feedback our 1:1 coaching will provide. You want to take your performance to the #nextlevel



Once you’ve filled out our athlete questionnaire you’ll be booked in for a phone consultation. On this call we’ll gain a greater understanding of what you’ve achieved to date and what your goals are moving forwards. All of our 1:1 coaching is delivered via training peaks, you will receive regular feedback on key sessions.  Monthly phone call to discuss all areas of training.

Full race strategies to enable you to access your best performance at each key event. You’ll share our values that have helped us achieve our own personal goals in Triathlon and helped many other athletes achieve theirs.



Train Hard

Race Easy



This program has a 6 month minimum commitment.

Athlete Preliminary Questionnaire

Thanks! Halo ID 1:1 Coaching will reach out to you directly with next steps.

Athlete Questionnaire
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