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I am a firm believer in a collaborative approach to empower athletes to reach their full potential, both as an athlete but equally as a High Performing Human. My approach encompasses the specific physiological needs, psychosomatic needs to succeed, technical and tactical aspects of our sport. All of which are tailored against your experiences and needs, whilst balancing all aspects of life. Every athlete is different. 

I strongly encourage a sense of self-belief and confidence, promoting empowerment and holding an athlete to account for their actions and commitment. This journey is based on some basic principles; a strong trusting relationships and one where feedback is key, when it adds value and is at the heart of what I do. Every athlete possesses strengths and untapped potential, and it's my role as a coach to unlock and nurture those qualities in order to succeed. We set goals, some of which may seem scary, yet these are all linked towards your goals. Instilling a growth mindset and providing a supportive environment, I aim to empower athletes to take ownership of their training, making informed decisions, whilst trusting their instincts. 


Depending on your lifestyle and goals, will depend on the level of commitment and dedication you can afford to give. We balance family, work. and general life commitments. Striking a harmonious balance to prevent burnout, enhance well-being, and promote a sustainable long-term success.


Every race you do, every training sessions banked is an opportunity to learn and adapt. Triathlon is not just about cross the finish line; it's a journey of self-discovery and growth. This journey will increase your physiological profile. Not every race or training session will go to plan; therefore, I strongly encourage a growth mindset, we embrace challenges, we learn from setbacks, and develop skills and qualities that will positively impact you on and off the race circuit. 


Are you ready to take things to the NEXT LEVEL?


Complete the questionnaire below for a no obligation discussion. 


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Marc                Preece

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