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I have been a fan of all sports especially endurance from the early 90’s. If I was not mountain biking or cycling, I was running, hiking or swimming every day. I found Triathlon at my local outdoor swimming pool in Hampton where I grew up, there was a Triathlon club ‘Thames Turbo’ who trained there 2 times a week and was open to anyone to join, so that’s what I did. I loved the club coached sessions and community of triathletes from the start, I was hooked.

By the time I was 14 I had represented Great Britain internationally at a youth level and well the rest is history…I turned Professional in 1997 and am still racing Professionally today and loving it just as much as I did way back then, I have raced from the super sprint Arena games right up to Xtri (non-supported Ironman) and everything in between, from swim/run races, adventure racing, team racing, relays you name it I have had a go. I have lived on 3 continents Europe, Africa and North America following the dream of that perfect race, and an endless summer to get the most out of my training.

I now see myself as more of a custodian of the sport. It has given me so much, beyond my wildest dreams the adventure, friendships, life experiences, self-belief in pushing my body and mind, the wins, the broken bones. Now I want to pass on all my knowledge and experience I have gained on my journey with everyone in halo ID. How fast you go is not important but moving forward is, and learning along the way to finding your NEXT LEVEL.

Tim Don

I didn’t come from an elite sporting background, I swam for a club as a junior but by the time I’d finished school I had no real clear direction of what I wanted to do with my life. I got a job working 9-5, then, all of a sudden my life just became about living for the weekends. Drinking and smoking just became my normal, moving from job to job as I had no real interest in what I was doing. I spiralled deeper into my weekend addictions and it all got out of hand. Next thing you know, my 20’s have passed in a haze. Then, at 30, for no particular reason I entered my local village 10k run, purchased a pair of running shoes and from this point on the change began.


The next few years were spent getting to know the sport of Running & Triathlon. I joined Birchfield Harriers Running club, took on a 1:1 Triathlon Coach and my Triathlon love began to grow. I’d had enough of job hopping, I’d always been able to communicate so a job in sales was natural for me. I made the leap and began studies to become a fitness instructor & personal trainer, from this I started a local fitness business; encouraging people within my local community to come together and get fit the same way I had. I’d found my passion, in racing & coaching. 


Racing triathlon is like no other sport in the world. The fact that as an age grouper you can stand on the same start line as some of the fittest, fastest endurance athletes on the planet is very unique and for me incredibly inspiring. My age group racing took me far and wide including world championships in Edmonton, Austria and South Africa. My dream was always to compete at the highest level I was capable of, so to achieve the professional status in 2019 at the age of 38 was a dream come true. Ironically, the first time I stood on a pro start line the man on my left was Tim, this was definitely a pinch myself moment. Someone I’d admired since the beginning of my journey from afar was stood next to me…. fast forward 3 years and here we are launching Halo ID.




Ian Dempsey
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